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About StolenKing

I'm a young YouTuber with a big dream!
Hello, my name is StolenKing aka Nathan and welcome to my patron.
Come follow me and my friends on our journey of success!
I'm a content creator, I do my best to create the best content
I had a passion to start a channel on YouTube one day thinking to make great friends and be well known on YouTube, I love making you guys laugh and have fun with my small Gang!
If your new and would like to join us stick around on our Journey.
I decided that the viewers that want to continue to support me should have the opportunity to help make my dreams possible. Thank you, guys!

Thank you for showing an interest in helping to support your favorite young YouTuber

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This is just the start! when you come back every month with $6 it slowly adds up so I can buy myself better gear in the future I could get a better mouse for gaming and other gear!
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