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‘Hello, my name is David Carley, I am the creator of Stolen Cars Uk. I started SCUK in 2014 with no goal other than to help victims of car crime. After seeing a lot of cars being stolen i was surprised to see that in the world of social media, there was nothing related to car crime. So I decided to start a group on Facebook to try and raise awareness, I always knew that the group would have to be big to make any kind of real difference. The group began to grow very fast we now have thousands of members and have some great success with finding stolen cars, bikes and even the boat. The group is still growing everyday and myself and my admin team are doing everything we car to help.  I have future plans for the group and how to move it forward in a positive and proactive direction. However with all the will in the world, I am just a guy that started a group. Like most of us, I work full time and have a young family, so unfortunately I am unable to finance these things myself. I have never wanted to make money out of Stolen Cars Uk but I just do not have the finance behind me to pay for things like websites, management, development etc.. So after a few suggestions I have decided to setup this Patreon page for anyone who would like to help me with my fight against car crime. If this works I have some ideas that would benefit my patreons should they ever have their car stolen. This would be support with what you can do to protect yourself and your vehicle, help to circulate your vehicle on social media platforms and potentially even financial help with the aftermath of having your car stolen. However to make all these things happen, I need your help. This is totally at your discretion but any help will be greatly appreciated.

So please help me with my fight against car crime, together we can stop it!
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This group was set up for ONE REASON; to aid those who have fallen victim to vehicle theft within the UK. Add posts and pictures of stolen vehicles, including the make, model, registration, where it was stolen and details of crime where possible. The more information provided to members, shared across the country - the higher probability of the vehicle being found.
Similarly, if you have suspicions about a trader or a "FOR SALE" advert or if you suspect you have found a stolen vehicle please take a picture of the VIN number and inform the police. Posts with this information will remain pending and a member of the admin team will contact the police, this is to protect the information/location of the vehicle until recovery(remembering this is an open group, anyone is able to view the posts).

Or do you have information that a car has been stolen? Check the vehicle on - if it is not yet showing up as stolen click menu > add stolen vehicle > enter the VRM and make > them verify from your email. This will mean your stolen vehicle is instantly visible to anyone searching - until the next PNC is applied. The SOONER the vehicle is circulated, the HIGHER the possibility of recovery.

As for group RULES we are generally tolerant, we however will not accept derogatory, racial, prejudice or sexist language, abusive/threatening behaviour or spam posts. We do not wish for people to advertise their companies as this is not an advertising forum. All posts are set for admin approval to remove advertisements and spam posting.

We are not the only Stolen Cars Uk group, though we have been around since 2014 - there are many duplicates, we are not associated with any of these groups. We would like to express that we are a NON- PROFIT group and we do not exploit our members, we are simply a community of people with interests in helping those who have fallen victim to vehicle theft.
The admin team would like to thank all of our members for the support given, not only to us but to each other. It enables the group to succeed. As you all know, we have seen many vehicles recovered!
🏎 Dave Carley  [email protected]
👮🏼♀️ Jess Jackson
🚘 Paul Leyland
🚓 Mark Andrew
We would like to thank Paul Leyland @ PL-AUTOTEK - for his so far invaluable knowledge as a security specialist within the indus
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If we manage to get £100 per month we will be looking at website development and an app. 
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