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About StopDrivingCar

Cars are destroying the planet since their creation. In the beginning, there were a lot fewer cars, of course, but as the number rose it became unbearable.

We can no longer wait and keep quiet. It is time to propose a solution to people, when no government in the world will. Everything is now in the hands of people. As more people join, we have a bigger chance to win.

Why should I stop driving? Because the long-term gain is much higher in both material terms and in terms of a planet that chokes in pollution.

Someone else will stop instead of me. It does not have much benefits. Each of us must stop and give his own example for that. The only mode of transport that the planet can support is a bus and other public transport.

Why are we anonymous? Because no one can dispute that a huge business is behind the automotive industry. A huge number of people are working in that industry, and big money on the daily level is linked to the automobile industry. With a reason we are afraid that if someone reveals our identity, we might be attacked and endangered. Because behind us there is no one, and behind the car stands a huge industry, big money and interests.

Reduce everyday risk to your life and planet, start planning your movement.

Let's save the planet together.

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When we reach our goal we will start to make new website on and educate people about importance of car driving reduction. We will also provide easy access to information regarding public transport. #StopDrivingCar
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