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About StormRachel

As long last, three of the most popular and famous SKELEMON come to you in enamel, glow-in-the-dark pin form! Can you believe there are more than 800 skeletons in the game these days??? Some of them don't even make any sense! How can a caterpillar or an ice cream cone have a skeleton!? That's skelemon for you!!!

This enamel pin set will include the following:
CHARISKULL - some say CHARISKULL is a dragon, but only MEGA CHARISKULL is dragon type. What's up with that!?
VENUSKULL - this Skelemon supposedly carries a symbiotic plant on its back, but plants don't have bones, so we've always had to use our imagination. Whose idea was it to make a game with nothing but weird skeletons in it, anyway!?

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