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Welcome to the Storm Sliders 360 Patreon page!
My name is John Luke, I'm 17 years old and I'm in the 12th grade.(woohoo! almost out!)
I've loved storms my whole life. So much so that I decided that I want to become a Meteorologist/Storm Chaser. How did I end up creating this page? It's quite a story.

In January, 2014 my parents and I moved from West Philadelphia(thank goodness) to the quieter boroughs of Delaware county, Pa. The first year we were there brought Wild Weather! Snowstorm after Snowstorm until it became the 2nd snowiest on record.Then in the Spring and Summer we got these insanely electrified long last thunderstorms almost every week. We even had a transformer explode right in front of our house! So in 2015 I decided to start filming thunderstorms. I was going to call the series "Summer Storms" ( a somewhat boring title).
Unfortunately I have horrible timing because that year was not a good one for thunderstorms. We had almost nothing for a while.

On the bright side, that gave me a lot of time to find a way to film the Storms. I found my mom's old camera in the basement and got it back to working condition. There were two big problems with this, though. One was the fact that it's not water proof,(the other problem is it only records for 1 hour, so I had to time it right) which then lead me to a crazy idea. I was going to construct a giant housing to protect it from wind and rain.

The reason why it was giant is because I was originally going to be inside it. That also had two major problems. One it didn't keep my legs from getting wet and two I got freaked out when the lightning started. So the idea quickly changed from being inside to sitting the camera with it's tripod inside it. I decided to name the probe " The Storm Slider" after the tv show Sliders. That's how the show got it's second name as" The Storm Slider Project".

Then came June 23rd of 2015. The most infamous storm day in Delaware county's recent history. I was just starting to get this whole project underway, so I had next to no experience in using this thing. I was watching the weather channel that morning and the high resolution forecast models were predicting a storm with an intensity I had never seen before. A massive squall line with embedded HP (high precipitation) Supercells and Bow Echos (regions of the storm that surge forward and produce powerful straight line winds). The probe was not weighed down heavily enough when the storm came and it fell over. I made sure I didn't let it fall over ever again, until February 24, 2016 when it happened again during a wind shift in a powerful nighttime storm.

In between those two storms I renamed the show to Storm Sliders. I even switched over from my first channel a new one dedicated to storms. Now called Storm Sliders 360.

After that I had it down to a science for the most part. After that it was just a matter of having storms hit my area. Most of the time they miss or die before they arrive. But I have a plan to minimize those misses, but you'll find out about that a little later. 

In early 2018 I phased out the original Storm Slider after I got a waterproof camera. Then I got a waterproof 4k 360 camera for a weather balloon project I've been trying to do since late 2015 where I film the interior of a severe thunderstorm. I still haven't achieved this which is part of the reason that I created this Patreon page. With just a little more funding I can make it happen. 
The other reason I created it is to fund other storm projects I have in mind. Like better probes to gather storm data or drones for areal shots of storms. Or better cameras to improve your viewing experience. Also the mobile Storm Slider which is a work in progress. (very slow progress)

So join me and I'll take you into the heart of the greatest storms you've ever seen.
$0 of $750 per month
When I reach $750 I'll launch a weather balloon into a severe thunderstorm.
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