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  • All contributors get listed in my video description, until Youtube tells me I'm using too much space.
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  • All new patreons get thanked by name (if SFW) at end of video.
Skype hangout
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  • For some reason people like to talk to me on Skype. So if you want to support the channel, pick this and we can shoot the stuff over voice chat, about movies, books or TV. Including Shark Tank, the NBA, the WWE, what I'm working on for the channel, or anything I haven't brought up on the channel. Usually on a weekend afternoon. At least 30 minutes though you will probably have to cut me off if you ask me about something I like.

    (NOTE: I'm new to Patreon so I don't know entirely how this will work out, but every new Patreon I'll talk to of course at least once)



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