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If you enjoy anomalous animals, mutants, and mad science, check out This Tumblr is a 100% free blog, free of advertisements and full of oddities!

Patreon functions as a virtual tip jar. If you would spend $1 putting avocado on your sandwich, then consider putting $1 a month to your favorite weird biology writer. If you pledge $9 or more per month, then every 5 months you get an exciting, real, physical mystery prize shipped to your door (probably a skull or an antler, maybe something else nice of a natural history theme.) 

I'm currently finishing my Science Journalism MS degree at Boston University, by completing the final summer internship. My internship is at National Geographic in Washington, DC, and I couldn't be more excited! I hope that this Patreon can at least pay for the URL (, but it would be nice if it could put a dent in funding the internship that I have to pay the University for. If you don't want to make a recurring contribution, you can also buy the book at, or the e-book on Amazon, or you can make a one-time donation via Paypal.

Thank you for reading and contributing! Shares and reblogs are also very much appreciated!
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