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About Ichigo

Hello Lovelies!


My name is Kat..I've gone by the handle Ichigogami for many years and my Brand is Strawberrypaperdoll.
 I focus on alternative fashion but many of my long time friends can tell you education is a big focus of mine as well.
I have recently been teaching everything from Fashion Hints and Tips to Armor Building and LED stuff for Fashion and Costume...as well as having some really cool indepth conversations on Historical fashion and sewing with many friends and supporters alike....
   I aim to try and setup something educational and Patreon would help me do that..by giving me time to focus on perfecting certain techniques, filming videos on specific subjects, or spending time with you guys on Twitch...

So what is Patreon and why should I pay for content that’s already free?

   Patreon is a platform for content creators to continue making the content For You! By supporting your favorite content creators you're allowing them to both pay their bills and improve content: better filming equipment, being able to afford supplies/ a work space, or allowing time for editing, or filming, etc. Consider yourself "patreon"(patron) of the arts.

"So, what do I get out of it?" 
   Besides the a deep sense of satisfaction & contributing to continued and improved videos, and other content... Patrons can feel like they are experiencing their favorite entertainer or artist and providing a way for me to continue to build up the quality and collection of content for you to view and even do targeted content that is voted upon or is seen as a need for future coverage. I.e. Crossplay tutorials, Makeup hints and tips, Wig fighting, Corset feeding..etc.
All my current content and future videos will remain totally free if you cannot be a supporter, and I totally understand that not everybody can.

Thanks so much for reading,I want to thank everyone who got me to where I am and how happy I am to share my knowledge with others..

Important FAQs:
1. You can still view all my blog and tutorial
s for free Website
2. You can do a one time donation if Patreon isn't your jam Donate
3. You can cancel or change your pledge at any time.

I am happy to answer any craft questions, conundrums or quips you might have...I am starting to get more and more into developing online courses and such so that I can educate everyone to practice safe costume building or practical tailoring skills!

Or Keep in touch with me on Twitch-Fashion,

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First 10!

I'll be posting content frequently but...
When I get my first 10 Patrons I will release the poll for the topic to be chosen by patrons...I will also post up some project updates or hints and tips or blog write up on current works...which include but are not limited to..Resin Casting, Thermoplastics, Wig Work, Photography Editing, Baking Recipes, Sewing My Fashion line, Sewing on Costumes...etc.!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts