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About Street French is a collaboration between two friends sharing the same passion for learning languages and helping people speak French the way it’s really spoken

Charlie started studying French in 2009 and has been working as a private French teacher since 2013. He lives in Paris and recently finished a study abroad program at The Sorbonne. The project tells his story, and how he started learning French on his own in California and is now totally fluent and living in Paris.

Maïa was born and raised in Paris, where she has also been working as a creative director, a graphic designer and a motion design since 2013.
She does all of the illustrations for and also teaches French private classes!

We’ve been working as private French tutors with many students who have a pretty good understanding of "textbook French", but who could hardly use what they’ve learned in a practical way.
We created Street French to give people the tools they need to speak French proficiently.

We understand every struggle you’re going through so everything in the content we make is explained from the unique point of view of someone who has overcome the same challenges you face in your language learning journey.

We have a FREE e-course available now and we will be working on new products in the future.

We also make Youtube videos and blog posts on our website giving all our tips and tricks to help you get better everyday.

We joined Patreon because it allows us to fund our project, that will help you. Your support allows us to be focused in creating awesome Youtube videos, blogposts, Facebook community and more great illustrations, while working on the new products to come.

Your pledges go to filming equipment, time to edit, softwares, communication tools, but most importantly, it will give us the mental space and time to come up with new products and bigger projects to help you learn French.

If you like our project, and you want to help, just choose how much you want to pledge per month (even $1 makes a difference!) and select some cool perks like livestream Q&A’s, private lessons, etc...

And don’t worry! You can change or cancel your pledge anytime you want. 


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Awesomeee, our first milestone! 
Reaching this goal will help us pay for all the online expenses for our the business, website etc...
And we'll start investing in some equipment to better the production of our videos.
We really need a good mic because we've been struggling with that part in the editing process since the beginning haha!
You.Are.Amazing! THANK YOU!
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