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Hey, I am Strength Beyond Strength!
In this day and age you can find almost any exercise training video on the internet. There is so much information out there. Sadly, there is also so much misinformation and BS out there. Yes, I know these fitness gurus with their "instagram fitness certifications" will show you how to perform a squat while showing their asses, but that's all they are really there for. They don't give a shit whether you performed the lift correctly or progressed in the gym. I've created this Patreon to share with you the tips and tricks of getting stronger physically in the gym, in a certain exercise or in your sport whether if you are a weekend warrior or simply just trying to work on your ugly bench. Don't worry you won't see stupid videos of me squatting with a barbell on back while balancing on a stability ball. I believe the experience I have attained from being in the trenches all these years training to become stronger are worth something and by informing and educating you with instructional exercise videos it will give me the ability to support my family and provide more content for those sick of the what the fitness industry has become today. 
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