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About Strenuous Objector

When I started college, I wanted to be a film student because of my deep love of movies and television.  After a lot of thinking, I eventually changed to a political science major and went to law school, but my love of movies remained.  Now though, with all my legal training, the way I look at movies has changed.  I found that I questioned why characters acted certain ways in movies.  I would ask myself the question I ask in my videos: "is that legal?"  Now though, I had the training and knowledge to actually get the answers instead of wondering.  

That's why I started making these videos in the first place; to answer my own questions, and hopefully learn more along the way. Now though I want to answer more than just my own questions, I want to help answer yours.  I also want to do my part to help try and demystify the legal profession.  The law can impact your life in profoundly big ways, and yet for many the system makes no sense.  I'm here to help try and fix that, one entertain, yet educational video, at a time.

If you're interested in learning about movies and the law in a new way, then I ask you to help me help you.  Hopefully, with time, we can all learn something new.
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