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About Toniko Pantoja

Hey everyone.

My name is Toniko Pantoja, and I am a Story Artist, a hand drawn Animator, and a self employed Director.
General Email: [email protected]

I am in the animation industry, and have done shorts of my own. I have worked at Dreamworks Animation SKG, Strange Weather Films as a Fulltime Story Artist, and I have freelanced for Cartoon Network, Studio La Cachette and Chavvo Animation Studios. I am currently one of the main 2D Animators at Tonko House. I have also lend my hand in many other independent projects. 

Personal Work I have done
The work I am known most for are my short films. One of my shorts, Tiny Nomad has been nominated for the 42nd Annie Awards for Best Student Film.

Short Films:
Serenade to Miette (2011)
Crayon Dragon  (2012)
Wolfsong (2013)
Tiny Nomad (2014)

I will be using Patreon to produce my own original animated content, you tube videos on education, and gum road products development. I will also be distributing exclusive content on my Patreon account.

7% complete
Side Income, encourages more frequent entries both original and educational content alike. Encourages me more to spend more time on the content.
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