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Dates With a Jesus Gay is a podcast that brings you the real-life coming out stories of LGBT Christians.

Whether you need to hear from someone who's gone through the same things you have, or you're looking to understand someone different from you, this is your show. I'm David, your host—the Jesus Gay, raised as a non-denominational Evangelical Christian in Missouri before coming out late in life and moving across the country to start things over. Now I talk to my friends past and present, tracing the paths of our journeys as we re-discover our faith, identity, sexuality, and purpose.

As the guy asking you out for this date, I should foot the bill, right? But here's the thing. Producing a podcast costs a bit, even if you're trying to keep it simple like I am.

So I treasure your Patreon support for this show, which helps from things as simple as operating expenses to goals as ambitious as providing for me to be a full-time writer apart from a day job at the coffee shop. Specifically, here are some items your support provides for:

  • Microphones and sound equipment
  • Web hosting fees and Adobe Creative Cloud subscription
  • Licensing fees for music and sound effects
  • Transit costs around LA

My first goal is to hit $50/month to pay for that Adobe subscription. I'll post other goals as we go, and keep you updated as we hit them. I'd love to eventually cover my transit costs for living in LA, which are $150/month for two separate transit system passes.

As support for the podcast grows, so does the time I have to spend on making it sound great, and creating more content on the blog and other venues for you to enjoy. Your support also gives you access to bonus content—the extra bits of conversation with me and my guests in which we talk more about the themes and ideas they bring up in their stories. Or, where we just rabbit-trail into random discussions of pop culture or painfully dumb jokes.

Pledge today for as little as $1/month, and join me and my friends on our dates. I promise you won't be stood up.

Even if you can't support the show with money, be sure to subscribe on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts, and share it around. Thanks! Love you! Mean it!
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When we hit $50/mo, I'll be able to produce a second season of the podcast. Season 1 is largely made up of stories of people from my past--friends I grew up with or who I met during my coming-out process. Season 2 will introduce people I've found on this side of the closet door as I continue my walk through faith and queerness.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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