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Purpose of this page is to raise funding to support my music creation. While there are not many rewards to being a patron, I do provide supporters who donate more than $20/month with early access to new pieces, around a week before they will debut. I do have a discord, but could not figure out how to connect it, so if you join, I will send you my email, so you can tell me who I'm adding. 
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You're my new friend. We'll be playing games as often as I can manage the time to. And afford to. If possible, reach out to me on facebook first, before donations, to make sure I have what we need. 
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We've just met, but I'll give your YouTube channel a little shoutout. I'm small, right now, but with teamwork, we can make it grow. While there's not a limit, I will only do 5 shouts a week.
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This is the absolute best amount that would make me happy as either a monthly earnings, or bi--monthly. As often on my channel, I only encourge donations, likes, and subscriptions for those who just find the content even a little amusing. Most of my videos are silent(with my own music in the background), but I may do collabs with some individuals as time goes on, once I'm able to afford big goals. That leads into my other goal of $800.00.
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