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The Helpful Ghost
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Thank you!
Thank you everyone for helping us out! Even a small amount will push us even further to write more, animate harder and draw lots! 

=We will send you either a digital thank you, or a physical one. Signed by the Director, Animator Kira and Editors! Has the "Project Broken" Title card and the Studio Logo on it.

The Helping Hands
per month
The Backbone of our series!

Many of us are college or high school art fans, with no income except commissions. Having this really helps us live our lives. All of this money will go to the Artists, Animators and Composers of the project. 

=All of the "Helpful Ghost" Rewards

=Able to see the chapter two weeks before the free version, one week before Amazon one!

=Name in the description in newest episode!

The Almighty Ghosts
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Pushing us forward with your support!

With this amount, we can begin to lean less on jobs and commissions and work more on this series. This helps cover living costs and payments to the Artists, Animators and Composers. We Thank you so much! 

=All of the "Helpful Ghost" and "The Helping Hands" Rewards

=Access to bloopers from the voice cast and demo reels

=Access to Rough Sketches and Line Arts!




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About Studio Code Blank

Hello everyone, my name is Animator Kira. I am the Lead Director and creator of the animation studio known as Studio Code Blank. While it has only been a year since launch, we have gathered over fifty voice actors, ten artists and animators, and many other roles such as editors and composers. All of this is to write original content, publish books and eventually release original anime themed animations onto our Youtube Channel. We are a hard-working group of High-School and College aged kids, all passionate about our work. We believe that one day we can all live off of this income. For now, this is our passion. Please join us on our passionate ride through our first animation project.
$23 of $500 per month
Thank you all so much, this is a wild dream come true. I never thought that this would happen. I started this in High school, and coming this far means a lot. Everyone has been working so hard, and giving them every cent we make would certainly make them empowered to continue on.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
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