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is creating cute, fun and functinal handmade ceramics

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Help me bring joy into the world as I explore how cute can be expressed through the medium of clay. My name is Carrie Kitkze, I’m a self employed artist with a passion for bring cute to art! I love simple art, without an underlying mediator or deep synthisis of express, that takes a 60 page thesis to explain. At the end of the day when I make a peice and get asked “why?” The answer is always, “because it makes me happy and I think it’ll make someone else happy too.” Your support helps me on my mission, spreading happiness with cute! 

With teirs starting at $10 you’ll begin earning Mimmi Money. What is Mimmi Money?

Mimmi Money is like loyalty points that can be saved and exchanged for items that are exclusive to Patreon. Here is a breakdown of bonus items that you can get with Mimmi Money:

  • 12 Mimmi Money: Revieve a Cat of the Month. If you missed a limited Cat of the Month or want another, you may pick one that you would like to receive. This can also be used to get classic sculpts like a Winged Cat or Dino Cat. 
  • 12 Mimmi Money: Already have a full cat collection? Exchange your Mimmi Money for a $35 Studio Mimmi credit which can be used to purchase anything at Studio Mimmi! 
  • 24 Mimmi Money: a custom figurine by Studio Mimmi. Will be 3-4 inches and can be anything that falls within Studio Mimmi’s aesthetic. Any animal with an assessory is a great idea. For example, armadillo wearing a sombrero: absolutly YES! Killer zombie-robot dressed as a doctor: we’ll find a middle ground somewhere I’m sure! 
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Enamel Pins! 

I have a bunch of ideas for super cute enamel pins but the up front cost is a little daunting. When this goal is met you’ll be able to get pins from Studio Mimmi! 
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