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About Stuff+

Who and what is the Stuff+ channel? 
Generic Greetings! 
I make videos about games. This ranges from indie to AAA and includes informative previews, let's plays, detailed builds, nostalgia trips, virtual reality, to just about everything in-between. Note that simultaneous supplementary beverage consumption may also take place.

Check out my YouTube channel for the end results.

Why Patreon?
I've been doing this for over six years and produced more than 2,000 videos, all freely available on YouTube. In that time the channel grown much bigger than I could have ever imagined, and amassed a fantastic, thoughtful, and supportive community. Sadly, in the current YouTube climate with low revenue and the prevalence of ad blockers it’s becoming harder and harder to sustain. This is where you can help!

I want to continue making videos we both enjoy, grow the channel, and move towards a more sustainable model. With your help Patreon gives us that opportunity. If you like what I do and want to directly support myself and the channel, then please consider pledging here on Patreon.

Pledging just a few generic units of currency per month not only helps maintain general consistency, but also allows me to spend more time on the channel, grow our amazing community, try new things, and overall continue working in the way I believe is best: I make the stuff, you watch the stuff. Nothing hidden, gated, or compromised.

What are the pledge tiers?
Pledging at any level gives you access to the Patreon feed and direct chat. I post updates, channel news, random ramblings about games (... and other assorted stuff), as well as run Q&A sessions, surveys etc. All this exclusive to Patreon supporters. The only difference between tiers is the amount you wish to pledge and the number of Generic Appreciation Points you gain*.

What are the goals?
Goals revolve around additional production, improvement, growth, and overall ensuring long term sustainability. These will be set based on the overall Patreon pledge amount and what is best for the channel.

What now?
Well that's up to you. If you wish to directly support myself and the channel–and gain some exclusive bonuses–then your support here on Patreon is highly appreciated. Any amount you pledge is gratefully received, and please know that your generosity actively contributes to the running and growth of the channel. If you can’t or choose not too then I still hope you continue to watch and enjoy the videos!

Generic Partings!

*Note: Please be aware that Generic Appreciation Points are fictional, non-refundable, quasi-superfluous entities that are only redeemable at licensed Stuff+ Generic Outlets... which also don't exist. Sorry.
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Generic Sustainability Goal 1
Reaching this goal means offsetting some of the losses incurred from ad-blocker use and general low YouTube ad-revenue.
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