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There are far too many scammers and manipulators online taking advantage of others and making money off people who in many cases are actually poor. This sickens me to my core and I want to do something about it.

Donate to this effort because I'm sure you have seen many people donating to people who are just taking advantage of them for their own self interest. I have created hundreds of videos exposing many frauds and I have not made one dollar for all my efforts. That was never my intention and it still is not. However, to be more effective it will take money.

Donate your money because:

-Unlike these scammers I will be providing FULL transparency on how the money is being spent.
-Too many hard working people out there don't have any help while lazy scammers are making THOUSANDS and it needs to stop!
-One of the major problems in this world is people are far to easy to manipulate, we need a more skeptical public so they can WAKE UP to and stand up against manipulation from government, corporations, false religions and scammer

My goal is to protect the innocent and to discourage future frauds. Right now it is WAY to easy to scam others. I want to end that by:

Making the public MUCH more skeptic
Making the scammers COWER in FEAR of my wrath!
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