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About Subsonic Sparkle

A tip-jar in the truest sense. I'm out of education for the first time in my life, and whatever time I spend not working, I'll spend creating. I wanna think of my channel as a second job, which will absolutely be reflected in the quality of the content. I probably won't bring up the existence of this place too much, but maybe I'll revise the milestones and rewards in the unlikely event that this ends up taking off massively. I've decided to go with "per video" to ensure that you get exactly what you pay for. Also, god-forbid I end up going on a months-long, BTongue-style hibernation.

Videos will only be patroned if they're:
  • At least 5 minutes of length
  • Directly relevant to the subject matter of anime, video games, TV/film, criticism or analysis (hopefully at least 2 of the above)
  • Meet my standards of quality (which I'd like to think is pretty high)

I really love what I do, and I want to see how far I can go with it and how much I can achieve with it. My biggest ambition has always been to better myself, and if I can entertain/educate/amuse you too, I'm all the more grateful.

Stay Frosty (lol).
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I officially launch side-channel "Late Night With Subsonic Sparkle", an idea I've had forever. A home for quaint, simple-to-produce content that I don't have to worry about making presentable, such as Let's Plays, impromptu podcasts, random unscripted opinion pieces, and maybe even some higher-effort stuff that just wouldn't have a home on the main channel.
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