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About SummerADDE

Elevator is my passion!
With such passion is a kind of speciality of my own! With my interests I would love to see more places to find out what they have to deliver Elevator-wise! I also want to research more about the history of Swedish elevators and start a museum for that project!

With many patrons, I can go anywere, even to your Place!
Being a patreon means that you pledge X amount of Money for my interests, allowing me to travel to other destinations and visit more different elevators. It also allows me to get some materials for my research and widen my knowledge about the swedish elevators industry.

Donating and see what to get!
By donating, you will access to my raw footage of elevator videos and photos not yet published by Youtube. On every day after a trip, I will show you what kind of elevators I have filmed today. Also, on sundays (Not all sundays as I might be busy or gone travelling) I will show you alot of elevator videos in my folders... 1 hour in it's best!

That is all I can do for you! Sooner or later, my elevator videos will air on youtube anyway, so it is hard to make any "Pateron"-exclusive content for elevator fans!
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150 Dollars is fine for me to arrange a fun trip with other elevator filmers and so on. :)
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