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About Sun And Moon Studios NC

Sun & Moon Studios NC was founded in early 2014 and has been involved in the NC film community with regards to growing the Independent Film option in the area of North and South Carolina ever since.  The goal of the studio is to “Build It Here” with regards to the overall film production capabilities within the Carolinas.

We have helped clients with commercials, short films, demo reels and more since our inception, and we are collaborators with those who share our desire to make film grow in the directions that it needs to grow to build the foundations of a reliable film production scene in the Carolinas.  We also conduct our own productions like Ravenwatch, which is a multimedia production making use of local artists, actors, crew members, web designers, studio locations, voice over talent, and more.  The final product will be a comic book, a radio show, and a film production in each issue/episode we produce. 


In 2016, we are setting up the final stages of
If you would like to support Sun & Moon Studios NC, you may choose one of the options on the right of the page to do that.  Check out the perks that we've set up for you folks and buy in at your desired level of involvement!
Patreon is only set up to take monthly payments (at the first of every month), so if that’s what you’re looking to do for us, then carry on as normal.  If, however, you are looking for a one time donation to our studio in support, then we will send you a PayPal link to do that!

Example 1:“I only want to give ‘X’ dollars one time to the support of the studio.What do I do?”
Choose the level of monthly support that represents the dollar amount you’re looking for, and send us a message at [email protected] .  We'll reply with a link to our PayPal Payment Center, and you can follow through at your leisure!

Example 2:“I want to give ‘X’ dollars to the studio, but I want to break it up into payments.What do I do?”
Decide how many payments you want to break it into and choose the dollar amount from the monthly payment options below.  Send us a message that lets us know how many payments you want to make.After receiving that many payments from you, we will cancel your monthly payments to us and send you a message that we have done so.  There are no penalties for canceling at any time.

We have several different programs going for building our clientele as a studio depending on your needs.  Here are the programs available so you can pick the one that fits you the best:

Our normal rate for delivering an industry standard 2 minute – 2 minute and 30 second demo reel is $50.00.  If you need us to pull the footage from the web or from a DVD, there is a $10.00 charge for doing that, as well.  If the footage you want on the reel is on a disc or flash drive already, there is no further charge beyond the $50.00.  Our turnaround on these is within five business days.

Our commercials range in price from $175.00 to about $500.00 depending on your needs. We also provide a HUGE discount if your business is willing to be listed as a possible film location for our productions going forward, so contact us today to discuss options for this as each customer has varied needs and expectations.  There is an easy to fill out form that we will send you that allows you to tell us what you are looking for and gives you the ballpark pricing you can expect.  Our commercials are TV or internet ready at the time of handover, and you can use them however you see fit.

We have worked hard on our social media outreach through Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and more to develop a local outreach of about 35,000 people in order to broadcast our work and our clients to a specified target audience that will benefit those local to Charlotte, North Carolina.  We have set up programs for increasing that outreach and allowing our customers to use that network to build their own in doing so.  We target the local area in order to streamline our contact and support to those that are in the community which we are trying to uphold and push forward, so you can count on reaching customers that matter with your advertising in our network.  You may not become well known in Bangalore, Maine, or Bangladesh, but that probably wouldn’t do your business any good anyway.
We have Quarterly, Monthly or Weekly sharing programs through our social media outreach that are all affordably priced at between $10.00 and $50.00 per month.  All payments are accepted through our Patreon site right here, and you can cancel them at anytime with no penalty.  Contact us today to let us know you would like to discuss these options and a representative will get back to you within 3 business days.  These programs can also be used in conjunction with the Commercial or Demo Reel options above.  This program is equally useful to musicians, artists, and other production studios to broaden their reach and ability to be seen on social media as using multiple social media sites and users to do the sharing for you keeps you from being a social media “spammer” and “tooting your own horn” too often.


There are some things you should know about us going forward if you choose to support or work with us in the future as we want to see the film community advance and not become stagnant in the absence of the much-talked-about Film Incentives programs.

Our studio attempts to actually follow industry standards and practices when it comes to legal issues.  We encourage everyone we work with to do the same from NDA paperwork to Location Agreements.  We are not big supporters of what is called “guerilla film-making” as we do not believe that conducting business in that way encourages trust in the local film-making community.

We also do not support the idea of working for free.  We try to compensate people that work on our productions even if that compensation takes the form of a temporary issuance of deferred payments.  As we operate in a non-union state, we are building the film business under the idea that it works like any other job in North Carolina – at non-union rates – and in support of starting everything having to do with payment at the negotiating table.  We believe that if you are running a production that doesn’t pay people, then you haven’t even tried to raise the funds necessary to shoot a film.  Marketing is a part of the endeavor that falls through the cracks too often in independent film-making, and we would like to see that change for the better.

Film-making is not about whether or not you can pick up a camera, film something, and upload it to YouTube.  Film-making is about creating something from scratch and launching it into forever.  That requires the parts that some folks consider the “not fun” parts as well as the actual acting, directing and editing of it all.  Marketing, legal paperwork, performing as a registered business, paying your taxes on expenses and income, etc.  These are all integral to any large scale production, and if the independent film community wishes to grow in the way that any small business wishes to grow, then these models of business operations should be followed to a large degree.

Here’s where we are different in regards to those existing models.

We don’t believe in state or federal sponsorship through incentive programs.We believe in raising the money the so called old fashioned way.  We interact with small businesses before we interact with large soul-less corporations that don’t care about our local growth.  We don’t operate within the confines of a Non-Profit structure either.  We do this to grow into a new form of entertainment industry here on the East Coast doing away with business issues that have plagued the Hollywood example wherever we can.  We try to learn from the industry mistakes that have been made as well as capitalize on their successes.  We believe in independent ingenuity and originality in our films and that follows suit with our business practices.  Expansion goes hand in hand with creation and both of them advance with solid plans in place or the proper amount of attention and work has not been put in on the project.

If these ideas and practices sound like things you can agree with, and you are involved in film production or theater events in our area, please feel free to contact us today and let’s see what we can dream up next and make it happen!

Thanks for reading about our business, and we hope to hear from you soon no matter your level of involvement or interest!

Please find the following North Carolina Film-Makers and Entertainment Providers on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to keep up with this rapidly changing environment for multimedia productions:

Nerd Nation Magazine - Comic, Movie, and Convention Reviews to keep you up to date!
Red Warrior Global - An Award winning Videographer and Studio based in Monroe, NC!
Manny Mac Studios - 6 time Carolina Music Awards winning video editor and photographer

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Think of it as a seed fund that should help us to grow exponentially in the coming years!
Thank you for helping us hit this goal!

Picture Credit:  Chris Clark of Lost Abroad Photography
"Ravenwatch Cast"
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