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About Otekah

Ho boy, where to start? Hello, my name is Sonya, but most folks know me as Otekah Sunshield, THE MIGHTY TAUREN PALADIN! 


(banner courtesy of @VicinityThree)

The majority of my online life is spent on World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, Hearthstone, and Twitter. As you might have already guessed, much of my artistic inspiration comes from the beautiful worlds that Blizzard has created, not to mention other video games, cartoons, and geeky pop culture.

I’m an Ohio native and graduate of THE Ohio State University (Go Buckeyes!), earning my Bachelor’s in Drawing and Painting. When I’m not canoodling yarn or roaming Azeroth and the adjoining planes, I’m playing board games with my friends and husband, working as a QA tester at a major bank branch that you’ve probably heard of, or corralling my three wild but adorable children.

Why Sunshield Creations?

My ultimate goal is to be able to support myself and my family through art. It's what I love.

By signing up for my Patreon, you can earn some kick-ass loot. Starting at just $1 USD, patrons gain exclusive access to my patron-only posts, which include: works-in-progress, project discussion, material reviews, and how-to guides. My patrons will also have first dibs on new products and patterns before they are listed in my shop.

Your patronage will go towards purchasing new/better art supplies that I will use to create shiny new merchandise and funding my inevitable escape from the world of office drudgery.

Where Else Can You Find Me?

Aside from Twitter and Patreon, I also have a Ko-fi page.

Thank you all for your support! Much love!


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