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About SuperGamerX

We are dedicated to providing gaming videos for those who love PC games. We also create videos which we think our audience wants us to upload. Most of our gaming videos that we make are from popular PC games.

Why we are here?

Although we will keep on making videos for our community, but it certainly takes a considerable amount of time and at present we can barely concentrate on that because of work and daily life activities. Maybe with your help we can add some boost in our growth. Currently our community is small but maybe with your support we may be able to make change.

Where does the money go?

The money that you donate will be funded towards further betterment and development of SuperGamerX. Also, please donate if you are willing to, and you don't have to be our patron if you are having any kinds of financial crisis. lastly, we guarantee you that we won't let your donations go to waste.
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When I reach this milestone I'll try to get a better equipment for recording my own voice instead of using Bot voice.
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