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The Homies are the awesome foot soldiers in the Super Hero Homies army. These Homies are able to:

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The Homie Supremes are the cosmic entities that kindly watch over humanity and help keep the podcast afloat. The Homies are gifted with the capability to view all of our superhero/comic book related material and also all of our bonus material which includes:

 1. New Movie Reviews (We upload our spoiler free and spoiler filled reviews the night of the movie release.)

2.  Video Game Talk (where we discuss our favorite video games and new releases) 

3. T.V shows (If it's great and geeky, we'll cover it!)

4. Cult Classic movies and their deeper meanings. 

5. Ad Free Episodes/Early Access. 

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Yeah, the Homie Supremes are basically demigods.




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First and foremost, thanks for showing even the smallest bit of interest in the Super Hero Homies podcast! We've been up and running since October 2017 and we don't plan on slowing down anytime soon. We mainly devote most of our energy and effort to reviewing and analyzing any and all superhero movies. We also discuss our favorite comic book stories and really cool (and sometimes deep) topics relating to superheroes and comic books. Don't worry, all of that content is completely free! We're not just nerds, we're super nerds and if you ask us, we have halfway decent personalities that we bet you guys will like. 

Now that all you Homies (that's you) know a little bit more about us, let us tell you what we're trying to do now. We're branching out! We appreciate all of the listeners (or Homies as we discussed) and we want to bring you guys even more awesome content. This new awesome content will come with a small price but first let us tell you what you're getting. You get access to our entire catalog and you get our new material as well, which includes but is not limited to:

1. New movies reviews that are outside of the superhero realm.
2. Cult classic movies that we will break down scene by scene (as with our superhero movie reviews).
3. Cool ass Video Game reviews. We cover the latest and greatest in addition to covering our favorites.
4. Television show reviews. (think Game of Thrones, West World, Rick & Morty, Dragon Ball Super, etc).
5. 20% discount on T-Shirts. That covers shipping and a little more!
6. A personalized shoutout to you on the podcast. Ya know, for all the love and support! 
7. Ad Free Episodes/Early Access. No ads will be played on any episodes uploaded to Patreon. Period. Also, you'll gain access to all new episodes before the rest of the world.

For just three bucks a month you guys will get access to all of that sweet, sweet bonus content! We'd hate for you Homies to miss out on the opportunity to help expand the Super Hero Homies brand. We understand that money can be tight. Thats why we created a second tier. For just one buck a month you can gain access to all of our new movies reviews! Pretty dope right? If you can help us out that would be amaze balls but if not, it's all good, we still love ya!

Thanks again for all of the support! We do this because we love it and hope to make something more of it. With every dollar you graciously donate, you help us get one step closer to living our dreams of truly being professional podcasters. We can't begin to tell all of you how much we appreciate the support!

                                                                   - Quinten & Kevin,
                                                                   The Super Hero Homies!

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