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About Randy Buehler

Latest Update (9-27-2019): VSL is on hiatus while Athena moves to Seattle and starts working for Wizards of the Coast. We both hope/plan to continue doing VSL once she is settled in.

Previous Update (8-29-2019): I am beginning to put Season 10 together. This week's B&R list changes look exciting, and I'd like to do a new season (probably an individual season) in the October - December time frame.

Previous Update (1-2-2019): Season 9 will start on January 15th! CoolStuffInc.com will once again be sponsoring us. and that puts us over our funding goal. (They have also created discount code "VSL5" good for 5% off any order - please use this so they know you came there from VSL.) Game on! 

Previous Update (12-21-2018): Targeting January 8th for starting Season 9, but the details are still being finalized. It will be an individual season with 16 competitors and 11 total episodes. Wizards of the Coast is on board with the same support we have received in previous seasons.

Previous Update (12-13-2018): We want to start season 9 in January. It will be a return to the individual format of seasons past (with players competing in groups of 4 during the regular season). Please support the show and then feel free to sound off on the patreon feed with any comments or suggestions you might have on the format.

Previous Update (4-18-2018): Season 8 - our first team season - starts tomorrow! We also picked up another sponsor in VintageMagic.com, and Cardsphere.com is sponsoring a team as well. Thank you both!

Previous Update (3-30-2018): Big thanks to CoolStuffInc.com for sponsoring us and putting us over our funding goal for launch!

The Big Picture: Magic is, quite simply, the best game ever made. I love playing it, watching it, and especially telling stories about it. My latest passion project is to create a show where all of those things happen on a regular basis. If it's Tuesday night (pacific time) then I want you to know you can find a great cast of characters on Twitch, playing Magic at its highest level, and having fun while doing it.

The short version: I put together a weekly Twitch stream that showcases Magic celebrities playing Vintage on Magic Online.

I use funds from Patreon to pay everyone who is involved in creating the show - that includes a tech producer, the players, and myself. (Some previous seasons were sponsored by Wizards of the Coast, and they continue to help us out with prizes and access to Magic Online "god accounts," but they are not currently paying us to make the show.)

Note that I intend to keep the show available for free to everyone. It will continue to stream live on Tuesdays and then get posted to YouTube.


Q. When are you going to show my favorite format?

A. Vintage has proven to have the most passionate audience, especially here on Patreon. If Wizards (or any other sponsor) wants me to run a different format I'll definitely listen, but Vintage Super League is the one I would do just for fun.

Q. Does this campaign cover all Super Leagues or just Vintage?

A. Vintage only (this is a change from when I initially set this up, but it is clear that there is a passionate audience that wants to make sure Vintage keeps happening, and that is something I am very happy to keep doing.) 

Q. What rewards are there for being a patron?

A. Right now it's mostly just making sure VSL can keep happening and improve, plus I do enjoy the ability to have direct conversations on the Patreon feed with fans of the show.

Q. Where can I read more about the various Super Leagues?

A. VintageSuperLeague.com and CommunitySuperLeague.com have lots of information plus lots of links to more information. Meanwhile, most of the video archives are arranged into chronological playlists on the Wizards YouTube page.
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