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About The SuperMelvinBros

Hey guys, SuperMelvinBros here, otherwise known as Jonathon & Nick! We are two brothers who have recently restarted our careers in the world of YouTube!

We know people hate when they seem to "beg" for money. Which is why we've resisted making a Patreon for quite a while, because we didn't want people to think that we do this for money. But honestly, your support means more than you think.

Keep in mind that any money earned here will mostly be used to go back into the channel, to make it better in some way. Games are expensive, and the money we've spent on the amount of them required to make daily videos is adding up. Unfortunately as a small channel the constantly changing meta of games is difficult to keep up with.

So if you wish to support us, We wish that we could just run up to give you the biggest hug, high-five, whatever, you're awesome! You really are since you're making a huge dream of ours come true. This is something that keeps us going even in the darkest of times and we couldn't have any more fun producing content for you guys. So Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

~ Super Melvin Bros
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