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Hello and welcome to the Super Nickanger Patreon page here to deliver you quality content for whatever pocket change you got hanging around!

My name is Constante “Nickanger” Castillo. I’m at the main character hero age of the 25. I work a full-time job and live with my beautiful girlfriend “JellyKa” and our adorable / demon-possessed cat, Saba. I started drawing when I was very little, I honestly couldn’t tell you my age but I can tell you I started to take it real seriously back in high school.  from there I had to confidence to post every once and a while but as of recently (2019) I’ve been more motivated to draw and become more consistent with my art. A lot of my work comes from the inspiration of the Tokusatsu genre. This included Super Sendai, Kamen rider, ultra man, Godzilla, and pretty much any variation of live-action special effects tv shows. I also draw a lot of inspiration from Anime, and western TV shows, such as power rangers, gravity falls, and some Disney animations. I like to think my art style falls somewhere between eastern and western cartoons, as is my goal with each of my pieces. to bring a culture of something I feel very passionate about and bring it to light here in the world that I live in. here are some of the things I will provide with my service for anyone willing to contribute!

Thank you so much for your contribution! This Tier will unlock all post, along with having access to all the files I post on here for you to have a little inside on how I draw my artwork!

I can buy some Soda pop with this! This tier will actually unlock all the files I used in raw to draw my sketches! feel free to take a look at them in-depth!

All Lower tier rewards will also apply!

At this Tier you'll be hand-drawn a sketch from me personally thank you! All sketches are done on a square canvas in a sketch-like style!

All lower tier rewards will apply!

let me hear them good ideas!

Receive a personal commission from me every month! These are Torso up commission in full color! So send me your OC ideas or your favorite character you'd like to see me draw!

All lower tier rewards will apply!

This is where things get real!

at the highest tier you will unlock your own personal full art comission! woohoo! full color, full posed, of what ever you’d like! (restriction may apply)*. I will contact you personally in order to work with you to get what you want every month. with that I will also print it, sign it, and mail it out to you! pretty sick eh?

All lower tier rewards will apply!

This page is to help kickstart my childhood dream: being an artist. over the past couple of years. had been unclear on how to approach with my passion for art. I was never the smartest kid, nor did school and I ever get along very often but I always found my way back to drawing and bringing art to the world, but never sharing it. This platform allows me to do so, not just as a living but as a lifestyle. with your support I’d be able to continue bringing more art to the world on a much more regular basis. regardless of any tier you obtain, there is no amount of art work or words I can express for you to even take the time to like my work, so from the deepest parts of my helmet , I thank you!
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when I reach 200$ I will host a live stream interviewing my patrons and get to know each other!
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