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About Supertrash Podcast

Hi everyone! Welcome to Supertrash, a podcast discussing and critiquing the DC TV shows, 'Supergirl' and 'Legends of Tomorrow.'

In the future, we might discuss other shows or movies, but for now we're sticking to the media that makes us the trashiest. (Yes, WE'RE the trashy shippers, not the shows we watch.)

Supertrash originated over a year ago when Alyssa begged Jen to do a Supergirl podcast with her. She begged and nagged until one day, out of the blue on the Eve of Halloween, JEN FINALLY AGREED, and Supertrash was born. Since then, the show has evolved into talking not only about 'Supergirl' but also 'Legends of Tomorrow'. Most of the time, we spend our hour-long podcast discussing the ships we love--Sanvers, AvaLance, Supercorp, Winn-El--and also seething over everything we hate--White Bread, dudes in trench coats, Damien Darhk, girls not kissing--and so on and so forth. 

Even though we haven't been around very long, we have some of the best listeners. To each and every one of you: we love you. You're fucking amazing. Keep being awesome. 
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