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... enough about me. Since you are here, you must be far more... interesting. So tell me, for school plays, were you the child dreaming of playing the villain? Were you one of the few dying to don Vader's cape or eager to imitate Maleficent's iconic, evil laugh? Perhaps you are one who defies fate and battles the gods; the rebel who abhors Prince Charming and seeks a lover in the troublemaker. To the deviant in you, I say this: welcome to my project.

The narcissistic, grandiose allusion of the title "The Man Who Surpassed God" may have lead you to roll yours eyes. But please, do allow me to clarify: this is in order! Because this story about a man who surpassed God, endeavors to creating the greatest villain of all time. Now, I am not talking your dollar store antihero or some knockoff super-villain, or whatever cool kids call it nowadays. I am saying a story where our protagonist is the bad guy; one with substance and genuine purpose. But above all else, making sure our bad guy wins at the end.

The story of The Man Who Surpassed God will be a compilation of epics, narrated by God's wife: Eun Weiss. She takes us on a journey, recounting her life with her husband Eric, from their first meeting in 1992, to him ruling the universe as God, centuries later.

Read the draft of Epic I by clicking the link below. In addition, check out the intended table of epics.


I have a dream, and time and the lack thereof are the two monsters at the end. Your contribution, however minimal, tilts the scale and feeds the right monster; enabling me to release more epics for your entertainment.

  • Epics, and more epics.
  • Exclusive access to content and events on the surpassedgod.com social network.
  • Participate in contests and win prizes.
  • "Promote-me" videos for your social media accounts.
  • Your ideas and imaginary characters incorporated into my stories.
  • Drafts and embarrassing first drafts.
  • Handwritten poetic, and philosophical thoughts.
  • And above all else, participate in the journey of creating the greatest villain of all time.

You may reach me at [email protected] or find me on twitter: 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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