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About RyanSwag

I started my YouTube and Twitch channels with the goal of delivering my high-quality Pokemon GO information to a broader audience. Establishing myself on these platforms with zero video recording or editing experience has had its challenges, but the quality of my content has shown through! However, a new challenge is approaching: my final year in Nursing School.

The first two semesters of the program I'm in have been light enough where I've been able to keep up with my PoGO content while passing my exams and performing well at clinical sites. From what I understand about my workload for this coming year, I will not have the luxury of doing all that I currently do on my own. In response to this I will be paying a friend of mine to edit my livestream recordings. The price we've agreed upon is $50 per edit, with up to 4 edits per month. Given that I only average $80-100 per month on YouTube, I need your help to keep this ship sailing strong. 

By becoming a Patron you will take the burden of editing my livestream cuts off my shoulders so I can spend more time making high quality content. Even now, the time I spend editing my videos stifles by ability to explore more aspects of Pokemon GO and has watered down my quality overall. Even though I have a YouTube channel, I am not a Pokemon GO video guy, I am a Pokemon GO researcher. Having more time to focus on my strengths will benefit us all.
$108 of $200 per month
With $200 each month, I will be able to pay my editor to edit all 4 of my livestreams every month! This translates into more time benefited to me in order to work on more quality Pokemon GO content while keeping up with my college work load. 

While $200 is the goal, every $50 made will equate to 1 video from my editor. 
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