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About SwearWolf13

Howdy, names Swearawolf13 but you can call me Vic if you'd like! I'm working my ass off trying to pay for my bills, medication, groceries and being able to take care of my dog; I'd really appreciate it if you decided to commission me for something, it would help a lot!
On my Patreon I'd be more than happy to write you a lovely story, draw you a beautiful picture or put together a short animation with the fandom of your choice.
Original Characters are welcome, the amount of details about them will depend on what you'd like.
Cosplay pictures are also more than welcome depending on the Character and style of Image.
(message for more details, animations not yet available)
$0 of $500 per creation
This would help me a lot with paying my bills and affording my groceries, as well as keep doing what I love!
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