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About Jesse Sweed

If we haven't met yet, I'm Jesse, nice to meet you.

Before you read the description, I want to personally thank you for considering becoming a member of Sweed Academy. Basically, I'm an experienced EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher, and my goal is to provide a complete online resource that I wish existed when I was a younger teacher.

Having been a professional teacher since 2006, I've made my share of mistakes, stresses, difficulties, and rough classes, but I've also learned from these and I've had great lessons, grown in confidence, become more comfortable and in control in the classroom, and above all, I've had successful students.

Just for taking the time to read this, I want to share my biggest advice to be a great teacher:

Ask more questions,
DAILY : YouTube Video Lessons or Interviews
SUNDAY : More Than English Podcast
PATREON BONUS : All Patrons get access to the ready-made worksheets for all the lessons.

When Jesse started Sweed Academy, he wanted to bring English lessons and fluency training for learners of English. However, this vision has changed and grown. 

Many times, when we start teaching English, many teachers don't know where to start. Many times, we have little or no experience, guidance, or direction, but there is often a lot of expectation. Jesse wants to help you feel more comfortable and confident in the classroom. When you're confident, that confidence will spread to your students whether you're teaching kids, teens, or adults. That's what Sweed Academy on Patreon is for.

If you're a language teacher, there is a ton of support and training coming your way with this page. 

  • Writing, reading, speaking, and listening lessons.
  • Dynamic games and activities to bring to your classroom
  • Pre-made worksheets to bring to your classes
  • Training videos and assignments
  • Access to workshops and webinars
  • Teacher support and advice to help you handle the stresses of teaching
  • Much more!

If you're a language learner, there are many things you will have the opportunity to enjoy with this page.

  • Watch or participate in English lessons with students
  • Language-learning tips
  • Access to all fluency courses on Sweed Academy
  • Opportunities to have 1-on-1  or group lessons with Jesse
  • So much more!

How the Open Hour lessons work:
Jesse will open and notify you when Open Hour lessons are available. This will be an opportunity to have a free speaking lesson with him during available times. At first, these will be held in our Facebook group, depending on the interest and participation, we will move towards a YouTube model.

Thanks again and I'm PUMPED to see where this goes!

We definitely appreciate your interest in supporting Sweed Academy and helping us to continue to build an entire community with one central focus in mind... LEARNING TOGETHER.
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