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  • Name in the Credits!

You made US smile! Every donation adds up and we sincerely appreciate your support. We're giving you guys the credits. Thank you :)

High-Five for Coffeh!
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  • Exclusive Access to Facebook Group
  • Exclusive Access to Discord Group

Say what?! That's right. For giving us the Swift Uplift of Coffeh we're inviting backers at this tier to our exclusive Facebook Group and Discord Group for News, Networking, Feedback, and chill gaming purposes. Good times will be had in our positive community! PLUS all lower reward levels.

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  • Early Access to "Behind the Scenes" Videos
  • "Behind the Scenes" Livestreaming 
  • Patreon Backer Q&As

You're ready to march with us! Backers will have access to Behind the Scenes Videos before their official release. Backers will also have access to Behind the Scenes Livestreaming and Q&A's so you can see us at work and ask questions online! PLUS all lower reward levels.




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About Swift Uplift


Welcome to the Swift Uplift Patreon page! Swift Uplift is all about education and entertainment and encouraging creators to be confident in themselves and their craft. The world can get pretty heavy sometimes but we're here to give you the mental uplift you need to keep moving forward and to make good work.

As we continue to make quality content, your donations allow us to make ends meet and it gives us more time to focus on creating quality content for you! Thanks again for stopping by and may the force be with you!

What are some of the Rewards?

As a Swift Uplift Patron, backers get the real Behind the Scenes experience to every video we make. We want you to feel like you're riding shotgun on this crazy video production train!

We are offering these EXCLUSIVE rewards to our backers:
  • Name in the Credits
  • Exclusive Acces to Facebook Group
  • Exclusive Access to Discord Group
  • Early Access to Behind the Scenes Videos
  • Behind the Scenes Livestreaming
  • Patreon Backer Q&As
  • Private Livestream Hangout
  • Newsletter with Behind the Scenes Photos
  • Verbal Thank You and Workflow Walkthrough

Why are we asking you to be our patron?

First and foremost, we want to continue making content we are proud of. We don't want to rush anything but financially we can't afford to spend an excessive amount of time because of monthly commitments. That said, by having a consistent income through Patreon we can work with accurate numbers instead of playing the adblock game. Plus, the more we get to know our viewers, the better we can tailor our content.

By donating to our patreon page we are also able to financially support the talented artists that we collaborate with and maintain the software/equipment that we use each and every day. Essentially, the bigger the budget the better the video.

What is the schedule looking like?

As of January 2018, we are hoping to release at least 2 videos a month. Until we really get the ball rolling we, unfortunately, cannot afford to crunch out 1 video a week. Hopefully, this will be possible in the future! If by some miracle we release more than 2 per month then you can always set a maximum number of pledges per month! No biggie.


  • We do Tutorials and Uplifting Videos to Motivate YOU
  • We <3 Motion Designers, Animators, and Creatives
  • Awesome Rewards on a Per Project Basis (Goal is 2 per month)
  • Let's make 2018 an amazing year!

$5 of $750 per creation
This first goal allows us to cover basic expenses for all of the time and talent that goes into making each video. Not to mention keeping the lights on and putting food on the table. Hitting this goal will be no easy task but if we succeed then we can start diving into monthly events and even bigger rewards per tier!
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