Andrew Pearson

is creating SwitchKick, a solution to smartphone addiction

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Hey all! 

I'm Andrew Pearson. I'm creating the SwitchKick app, the first social intervention app for smartphone dependence. What does that mean? 

SwitchKick will be the first app that draws on social support to help you use your phone less. Or rather, to help you put your phone away when you don't want to be using it. This could mean those times you are with friends or loved ones, when you are trying to work or study, when you need to go to sleep, or just when you want to enjoy a walk outside without being buried in your screen.
There are a lot of apps to help with that, though, right? Didn't Google and Apple and Facebook just release tools to help with this issue? Yes, they did, and those tools are great. They recognize that managing screen time has become an issue for millions of people, but while these tools make you more aware of the issue, they don't offer any kind of motivation or ongoing support to change your habits. Changing bad habits is hard; making that change together with friends or family is one ofthe best ways to make a better habit stick.That's what SwitchKick can offer that no other app can; by combining gamification with small-group support, SwitchKick helps you take back control of your most valuable resource- your time.
<figure><figcaption>Mockup by Case Harts</figcaption></figure>
This has universal application- we can all use our time better. One particular group of people very concerned about smartphone use lately are parents. If you are a parent worried about your kids' screen time- or even how your own habits might be taking away attention from your children- this is the perfect app to help your children develop their own good habits as they get older. You won't be around to limit their usage forever- as a fairly recent former kid who had very strict parents, trust me when I say that they are going to need to learn to choose good phone habits for themselves sooner or later. SwitchKick is your chance to develop those habits together with them, leading by example. We know it works, too, because the concept has been tested, successfully, in research studies for both families and peer groups.
The way it works is really simple- you earn points by setting and hitting goals for screen-free time, you can see how you are doing in the group, and you can see how your group is doing in relation to others. In other words, you can still use your phone- but you also develop the ability to put it down when you need to.
<figure><figcaption>Mockup by Case Harts</figcaption></figure>
That's really the ultimate goal. Managing your time is a daily battle, one that affects every area of your life- your productivity at work, your time together with loved ones and family, even your alone moments of spiritual reflection, bursts of creativity, and ability to sleep and recharge. In an age of ever-increasing digital distraction and hyper-atomization, SwitchKick recognizes that a healthy life is about healthy habits and strong connections with those around us. Join us in taking back your time.

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