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Have Fun!Enjoy!Don't be shy!You are a beautiful person!Thank you!Everyone who is "whiteblue red" aka Swogster you dont have the black and white colore,but you are still part of our Gens!I hope you enjoy this.
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SwogzE-GEN You Guys Are Awesome!

You Guys Are The People That Create The Creator!

I Hope You Have Fun In This Patreon!

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About SwogerTagz

Getting To The Top...

The person managing this page is Swoger.I have a twin and his name is Tagz which makes SwogerTagz.We are both 14.I(Swoger) taught myself to video edit,photoshop,make songs and draw.
It's been fun,and now i want to share my art with the world.
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I will get extra people to help me with videos/music and the webtoon to make all of them look amazing.
I will also get a new camera that records perfectly!
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