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Even a buck helps! Anyone who contributes that will be able to see my videos earlier than the normal veiwer.
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If you think the channel is worth a green Lincoln, you'll not only be able to see my videos earlier, but you'll also get to see stuff that I won't put up publicaly on the channel, such as blooper videos or little rants and rambles that strike my fancy at the time.
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If you are willing to give $10, I'll let you be able to vote on the next few videos I make. Every now and then I have several topics I want to tackle, from martial arts, to politics, cooking, games, etc, and you can get to pick what comes first.




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About Swordsage

Hey there. I set this up for those who are inclined to help support the YouTube channel that I've been making content for since 2008. The videos there touch on such subjects as martial arts, religion, philosophy, politics, and various geek oriented interests such as video games and tabletop rpgs. Any financial support will be invested in future videos, to upgrade recording equipment, research materials, acquiring new swords and other martial arts related items for review, and finding better ways to do martial arts related demonstrations and drills, as well as sparring videos. Thank you very much for helping to keep this little channel of mine going.

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