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Who am I?
Some kid who figured out how to use a computer to make things

What am I doing?
I am creating a fan game for the youtuber known as Jordan Maron "CaptainSparklez"

Why Patreon?
Patreon is trusted among many creators who just aren't making enough adsense

Where does this money go?
This money directly supports me. Creating games takes time out of the day where I could be working at a job, so when I am releasing a game for free I the creator have no way of making money without the support of others.

How can I support you?
In no way do you need to donate. This game will be released for free. If you'd like to support me, the best you can do is share my work, and invite others to the subreddit and or discord server. If you would monetarily like to support the project that would be wonderful.

Thank you <3
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