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Hey ! My names Eben Rockmaker and I am starting this for my YouTube channel Synthetic Oil Protection where I teach individuals about important fluid changes that protect their Cars, Trucks, SUV'S, Motorcycles and other mechanical equipment.

I discovered Amsoil lubricants three and a half years ago at SEMA car convention in Las Vegas. I have been using Amsoil in my personal car ever since. I now understand the importance of preventive maintenance on engines, transmissions, and differentials. Amsoil lubricants can eliminate more than 80% of oil changes on cars and trucks thus saving individuals and the environment exponentially.

I am on Patreon for your financial support and advice. As I get donations from you I will be improving the YouTube channel Synthetic Oil Protection by creating higher quality content with my father who is my videographer. I will be doing tests on lubricants and explaining and educating individuals. I will continue providing how to videos on fluid changes to display how easy it can be to take care of vehicls.

Your contributions will be noted.........😉
I believe loving and giving makes life worth living.

Best, Eben Rockmaker 
Independent Amsoil Specialist 

$4.33 of $10,000 per month
Working on creating a TV quality YouTube channel that educates individuals on preventive maintenance on cars, trucks, SUVs and other vehicles/equipment. 

This will save thousands of Engines & Transmissions by protecting them with Amsoil lubricants. Furthermore Amsoil lubricants will help protect the environment exponentially by eliminating over 80% of the oil changes and reduce pollution. Amsoil lubricants improve equipment efficiency thus allowing cars to burn less gas and improve electric motors efficiency. Amsoil lubricants reduce harmful pollutants like carbon monoxide and oil leaks / oil spills.

I appreciate donations in advance?

Let's improve vehicles that exist by changing them to Amsoil now !

Best, Eben Rockmaker 
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