Cassandra Rose

is creating genre art, fiction and roleplaying games
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Every adventurer starts somewhere, and we appreciate every beginner - even if the tavern keep doesn't. Ratcatchers are listed in the credits of all completed modules.




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About Cassandra Rose

Heya heya, potential patrons! I'm Cassandra Rose Cole, dwarven storyteller and colossal dork. I've had a two-decade-long love for genre fiction of all stripes, and particularly that available in table top roleplaying games. As such, I've decided to begin making this long standing passion of mine into something approximating a job. Using Patreon as a platform for distribution, I'm going to begin publishing art, fiction and ttrpg maps and materials.

While I intend to distribute some material for free through twitter (including sketch art and ttrpg maps and some writing samples), patrons will have exclusive access to everything from completed art and maps at the lowest levels. At the higher tiers, I'll be offering gamemaster notes for maps, including multiple scenarios, full length fiction and even custom art. For my part, I'm looking to make creative work my job going forward to support me and mine, eventually even compiling these works into complete novels, art books and game modules.

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