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About T0PH4T

Hello and welcome, even if this is NOT the page you are looking for!

So, what do I do? Well, I write fanfiction. Not the smutty kind, in case you were wondering. One chapter a week, a few holiday omakes here and there when I'm in the mood (minimum weekly total word count is 2000, will usually be more). If you like that I do this, feel free to drop by in Spacebattles and leave a comment saying so! I'm currently only active in the Worm fandom (check out wildbow to see what that is!) but I've written some one-shots for Overwatch and have a few ideas for RWBY.

Let me get the legal stuff out of the way: I am NOT being paid to write fanfiction. Donating more money will NOT make chapters come out faster (that might be fairly illegal). It will NOT improve the quality of the chapters (that relies on me getting better at writing, which is something I intended to do anyway, independent of Patreon, and would also probably be illegal). It will NOT allow me to explicitly use other people's intellectual property to provide a job for myself.

So why throw so much as a nickel my way? Well, maybe becuase you enjoy reading my work and want to tip the creator. Maybe because I asked nicely and would like to be able to buy an extra cookie or a bottle of limonchello once in a while. Maybe becuase you're some rich person who likes redistributing wealth to the artistic folk.

One potential reason for donating money to me is that I would be very thankful. It's a big, scary world out there and us artistic types tend to be fairly bad at picking up steady, well-paying jobs. So by sending some money my way, I can start saving up a little slush fund for if something unexpected (read: BAD) happens. So if you want to help a guy set up a preventive measure against some amount of bad luck, I'd appreciate that.

In the future, I might consider setting up some commissioned one-shots that aren't fanfiction, beta services for high-tier subscribers, and general how-to-write articles accessible only to Patrons, but that's for later. I don't have any donation goals set up because I don't have anything to incentivize people with. For now though, donate if you want to express your appreciation for my work in a more material way.
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