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Water keeps us alive, you will have a chance to aid us in battle. As well as a cool role in our community discord.
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Ice keeps are community chill, and gives a solid base to stand on in a sea of water.

Ice rises above water in battle, and also receives an icy role in our community discord.

Ice is also allowed to enter surprise Key Elementz Giveaways
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Key elementz support is most appreciated and everything stated above will also be included as well as your credits for backing me as a creator in every video. 
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Glaciers tend to not only make homes, and keep ice afloat... They also tread water and keep the community moving towards the positive light.

Glaciers are prepared for battle and stand on the front lines. Receive all benefits stated above, as well as the ability to choose the game of the day on Key Dayz.




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About T1C3

Sup #Elementz,
I have been creating music, playing games, & developing gaming videos online for years.

Being my Patreon helps support the next moves I plan to take to our community relationship, & video quality to the next level.
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This will increase the quality of the stream with a brand new camera providing 1080p
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