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With Lee's leadership Team Apostle's began it's first venture into competitive gaming with Paladins: Champions of the Realm. Placing ninth in North America's Console Wars was no small feat considering the fast pace deployment of a team.(edited)
The Birth of A Logo:The development of a brand was put on the forefront of the Teams agenda after securing a placement in top ten team of a sponsored competition (DreamHack 2017). The T.A.G. concept was born from deliberation, collaboration, and research within the team and the gaming industry.(edited)
Original Concept art done with collaboration in between Mr. Russell, Mr. Freeman, and ___ (Designer from Fiver).(edited)
Mr. Freeman consulted the entire team of the importance of a logo and securing intellectual property rights on the teams projects and future developments. Team Apostle Legal aid was found __
The Birth of a Creed: (L.I.N.K) Loyalty, Integrity, Necessity, Knowledge

Although Team Apostle original mission was based on the desire for competition; we as gamers understand the importance of fellow gamers; a mission statement was born out of the depths of the broken mind of Mr. Freeman and his oath was agreed to be self evident as a community wide set of values.(edited)The T.A.G. Oath: By Corey J Freeman The loyalty of players to the game of their choice is inherently linked to the integrity of the developers, community leaders, professional players, and fellow gamers alike. There would be no game without the gamers, the players are undeniably the purest form of necessity in this industry . With this Knowledge we do solemnly swear to help link our; and other; community's together for the interest; and never wavering; loyalty too the gamer. Our Loyalty and integrity shall never be in question because of influences' from industry, individual ambitions; or internal conflicts as it is a necessity to have the knowledge of the difference in-between right and and wrong. Linked together by passion, undividable by nature , This; All for the Gamer. T.A.G.(edited)
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