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Like Ponies? Like Bitching? Well then, you're gonna love us.

Hi! We're Nate and Ben, aka Keg Standard and Phantom Horn, the guys behind Two Best Brothers Bitch About Ponies (TBBBAP).

Thank you so much for considering becoming a patron. We love making TBBBAP and we're proud of the content we've produced, but we feel that there's a lot of room for improvement, too. Currently, real life responsibilities limit us to a day or two each week spent working on the channel. And that's just not enough, if you ask us!

Every dollar pledged per video is a vote for us to spend more time making our videos awesome, and less time on stupid other stuff like careers, hobbies, family, and friends! Oh, and since there's two of us, you really should pledge twice as much. That's just common courtesy.
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