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About Big Cow Productions

My name is Mike. But I generally go by TBC (The Big Cow.) I am the lead of Big Cow Productions alongside KvaGram, Shiro and Synchangel. We make games, and I also make gaming videos.
I have been steeped in RPGs ever since I was about 7 years old. I fell in love with the Genre when I first played Secret of Mana. Since then, I've been an avid reader and a voracious gamer. The stories compel me, and I love jumping into new worlds and adventures. I'm an extremely imaginative person, and it came naturally that I would want to develop video games.

*Who We Are, and What We Do*

Previously, my team and I worked on Generation 0, a Pokemon fangame for the computer. Now, we are moving on to our next, original, game which is tentatively titled Project Soul Link. We are a team of gamers with a passion to make the types of games we want to see. With that said, there are two things to note.

  • This needs to be sustainable for myself and my team. It isn't feasible to try and maintain full game development while also working 43+ hours a week at a day job. Game development and content creation is demanding. This is what I love to do, so I will continue regardless. But there's only so much that can be done with putting money in from my day job on top of my own living expenses and then also helping my team out. 
  • I want this to be long-term. I am sure you want this to be long-term. Patreon is a way to make this happen. The better established this becomes, the less I will have to work at my day job. Ultimately, the goal is to only need to work 10-20 hours a week there so I can do content creation full time. Then, beyond that point, I could help do the same for my team. Donations have been one platform thus far, and definitely have helped. However, a stable platform like Patreon will be perfect for our goals. 

This is how Patreon works. You can choose to donate $x that recurs monthly. Literally even $1 is extremely helpful. My Facebook page has 48,000+ people who've liked it. If even  2% of my current Facebook fanbase donated just $1 a month, I would be completely set to work on content creation full time! 

Really; if you're thinking "All I can do is a dollar, it doesn't matter.", think again. Every dollar is a huge help and is immeasurably appreciated.

*How will you use Patreon funds?*

The first main goal for sustainability is going to be to hit $800 a month. This would let me drop down to 15 hours a week at my day job. However, here are some more details on costs for Big Cow Productions.

  • Hosting
    • I want to make sure to have decent hosting so that I can handle traffic to the site (I remember that time my Wordpress site got shut down since so many people were coming to download the Gen 0 demo.. haha), provide stable download platforms.
  • Slack/Hootsuite/Quip/etc
    • There are many great programs and subscription services that would benefit myself and my team. However, these can add up quickly. 
      • Slack is our team communication platform($40+ mos). 
      • Hootsuite is a great Social Media platform compiler and organizer ($15 mos)
      • Quip is a fantastic living document program where my team can edit documents in real time together and collaborate easily ($30 mos)
    • That is only three of quite a few different services I would like to utilize for BCP. There are definitely more!
  • Website Stuff
    • I would really like to have my own domain name, and be able to have a great looking website with some awesome features. However, I don't know web development and it can get costly. This also kind of melds in with the hosting aspect.
  • Acquiescing to the crime syndicate of Facebook.
    • In order for our posts to even reach 1/3-1/2 of the full amount of followers, Facebook extorts page managers. This is a necessary evil, but I would love it if I post an update and more than 10% of my page can see it!
  • Myself
    • Obviously, this Patreon page is for me. I need to keep the lights on and I need to eat. We don't have needs for an office, as I am just on my own in my apartment, but being able to live is definitely something that's at least a little important.  

      However nice it would be to become a homeless game designer, I don't quite think that would be terribly feasible :p

  • My Team
    • I was blessed and able to get RPG Maker MV entirely your donations. Thank you! However, Shiro still needs it. Synchangel needs it. Shiro could use some better art programs, and a better computer for that matter! It would be quite awesome to get the multi-user license for Articy Draft, or be able to provide programs for sound/music creation for the team. It would also be great for some good video editing software and recording equipment for videos!

      I would love it if I could pay every expense that my team would have on anything to do with this, supply them with better equipment, and ultimately grow this platform to a point where they can be self-sustained as well. 
  • Giveaways and Travel!
    • I have previously held some contests for giveaways on games like Omega Ruby, Pokemon Sun, Dust an Elysian Tail and others. I would love to do more giveaways and even be able to do bigger things as well for contests. On top of that, being able to travel and meet my team in person would be fantastic. That'd be a long ways off, but it would be amazing!

Essentially, I will use the funds you put forward, being the awesome person you are, for the betterment of my content creation endeavors, and my team as a whole. 

As I said, I'll continue development regardless. Creating games is what is in my heart, and that's something I'll do no matter what. But if you take this jump with me and support my development, you'll see some wildly amazing things. I have so many great things I want to show you and awesome stories to tell you, and any help you can give will make this more of a reality than ever.

*What's Next?*

Great question! As I said, this Patreon is specifically for me, TBC/Mike, as a developer. Not for any one specific project. However, it is going to be used as the means in which I am able to fund what I currently work on. So any project in the spotlight will gain from this, because I will gain from this.

What is immediately planned is a shorter smaller scale RPG (of about 10-15 hours, and will be free) to help get myself and the team more acquainted to RPG Maker MV. We have the overall story planned out and are diving into pre production and prototyping now. I'm going to keep information quiet right now, but you are going to take the role of Kalus Andorian, the first one in 6 generations of your clan to have the power to shapeshift. You are sent off by your family to uncover why their power was lost, and to help restore it back to your people. 

After that will be the next mainline title BCP will be working on, tentatively titled Project Soul Link. While having been planned to be developed after Generation 0, events transpired that moved Gen 0 onto an indefinite hiatus where work on PSL has begun.

Inspired by games like Breath of Fire 3, Pokemon and Final Fantasy Tactics, PSL is going to be a game where you take on the role of a Summoner in a continent called Adisia. Here, the people form pacts, called Soul Links, with entities through natural essences found in their world. They utilize these beings linked as an extension of themselves for everything from manual labor, to war.

I want PSL to have the themes of exploration and acquisition, mastery, and atmosphere that comes with the aforementioned titles. While inspired by, I want to assure you it will not be derivative of. I only reference those games to give you an idea of the themes and pillars of design I want to bring forward to PSL. As with anything I develop, it will be unique and not what you normally see within the established confines of the genre it's in. For instance, if you knew Gen 0, you'll know it was very unique and separated itself well from other Pokemon games.

I want to thank you for any support you may provide, and I hope you stay tuned!
$3 of $120 per month
Programs and Giveaways!

At this point I could maintain paid memberships to the team communication platforms Big Cow Productions uses.

Also, I love giving stuff to people. As such, I'd really like to do giveaway contests. I could hold various contests for anything from the odd Steam game to brand new releases of games and more.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 32 exclusive posts
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