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I have grown much on Youtube to make video content filled with Video Games Let's Play, those has never ending game and Those has an ending to bring entertainment to the People of the world, to my experience, adapt, commentary and reaction playing the games. However when I get older and time goes on Youtube is getting harder to making video. It is much harder when you are still on education on College to set your course to play games and edit video the same time. Here, is also BIG PROBLEM might be the risk the Channels will not be possible being going to have any video in a LONG TIME due to my father Business will bring us (me and my sibling) to his mother house near to his business and the downside in there is that no internet, high blackout on that region. Even so, I ever have enough money to move out, have a catch required both my mother and father to agree due to my FAMILY CULTURE THE COUNTRY I AM LIVING.

Even the current equipment I have been using to strive and doing it's best to keep the viewers. The current equipment I have been using a damn Laptop (HP 2000 Notebook) with strong enough build-in video card on the laptop enough to play some games (Like CS:GO, Minecraft *Not Modded* and other games on the lowest settings as possible). For quite a year this laptop still kicking.

I have planned all set down below all of my Channels (Youtube and Twitch), I have things all set need to know down below. If it goes well.

TheCyborgCast Youtube Channel

This channel on called "TheCyborgCast" alone is heavily based on Video Games Let's Play to all any game I can get hands on. 

Playing Games on Commentary, sometime when necessary with face-cam. To my point-view of playing the games from Beginning to the end of the story of mode of the game. Not only showing that so much many more Like CS:GO on Funny Moment & Fail, MatchMaking and much more presenting much entertainment bases on heavily base on Video Game.

TheCyborgCast Tech. Youtube Channel

This Channel on going to be filled with Technology related.

Doing certain talk about certain subject that I have gain interest and like to share with the people who view this channel. Not only that, I have planned this channel to involved product review (such Computer parts and so forth involve with in the world of Technology). This channel is more a like a long-run to me, but if I strive enough this will be going big.

TheCyborgCast Twitch Channel

You what Twitch do?

The goal of this channel was doing some podcast and maybe some Let's Play live to interact with viewers on the Chat.

But, the channel will be offline for a long time until for a computer upgrade.

Other Plan

There are plenty of plan on the future, I have set if ever this Patreon Goal has been reach or so forth on.

To be fact, Certain goal was planned big.

ALL GIVEAWAY will be take place site on
For all Patreon or Patreon Pledge to TheCyborgCast will have 100 Tickets for entry on the giveaway.
Giveaway will be begin/coming soon or later.
$0 of $2,000 per month
With this budget of money I can finally build my PC with no problem. $2000 will be enough to cover most of components I need to build good gaming computer.
For sure the 1st month, I will be able to cover all of the computer components will no problem but came to the rest of month will be place to saving and also paying the bills and foods.
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