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Our Podcast Lineup:
Show & Tell
Apple Juice
Jacked Cast
Boom Explode
The Simulcast
Attention - 2 - TEK
Overboyz Wrestling Show

We podcast because we love the conversation and believe our take on modern technology is worth sharing. We hope you feel the same.

- Clay Russell (Founder & Brand Manager for the TEKSide Network)

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A lot of work goes into building a network from the ground floor. It starts with a few passionate people who are willing to sacrifice their personal time to build something they can be a part of. The TEKSide community is made of volunteers who all have full-time jobs and yet all selflessly contribute to the TEKSide project in some way or another. Our goal is first to get TEKSide to be self supporting, then to open a merchandise store where we can let fans help get the TEKSide brand out into in the Real World and then finally, we would like to be able to provide our team members with quality podcasting equipment to deliver our listeners the best content possible. If you are a fan of any of the shows on the network, your donation in any amount, gets us closer to achieving those goals. The TEKSide Team thanks all of our patrons that are helping to make this mission a success.
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