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Hello, my name is David
I have spent my entire life doing nothing and i want to change that
through my youtube channel I want to bring "entertaining" content in various forms
Let's Plays, Webcomic Showcases, and hopefully Animation

Let's Plays
I may not be some big name like Markiplier, Jacksepticeye or Jesse Cox but i love video games i always have, and i am willing to play almost anything
you can also expect the occasional analysis or discussions video

When I was a kid I wanted to be a chef, but not much came from that want, fast forward 20+ years and 200+ pounds and I have no culinary skill what so ever, but there are hundreds if not thousands of recipes I want to try making, some of which are my own,
These will range from simple everyday recipes, to things I have never thought possible, with some weird or epic ones along the way

Webcomic Showcases
I have somewhat of an obsession when it comes to webcomics, whenever I stumble onto one that catches my interest I tend to binge it in one sitting, and then I learn barely anyone is reading it
So that's what this will be about, giving fun and interesting webcomics and occasionally web cartoons a little more attention

This is my dream, I never had the chance to go to collage and I never had a computer to learn myself, bet now I do, and any moment I spend not doing the two above will be spent on this
I have so many stories I wish to share with people, from comedies to action to horror and slice of life

now I understand alot of people can be weary about joining a persons Patreon and I completely understand, but I want to make a promise to anyone who signs up
ANY and ALL pledges will go towards building the channel and making the viewer experience better
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