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About TIF

Hey! Thanks for visiting my Patreon!

I'm TIF.
An Electronic Musician from a very small town in the state of Utah, USA.
I have been making been making electronic music since a cold night in November of 2012
Producing High energy music is my favorite, but I love making just about anything.
Genres I dabble in include but are not limited to:
-Electro house
-Happy Hardcore
-Drum and Bass
-Glitch Hop
-Progressive House
-Melodic Dubstep
and more
I am a grade-A movie buff/nerd who enjoys making music from things that inspire me which has lead me to creating a lot of fandom themed music and remixes; Though I do create original content as well.
Though I do produce mostly heavy and high-energy music, my YouTube channel has always been family friendly and will never have any adult themed or explicit content.

Best of all, my music is and always will be, FREE TO DOWNLOAD!

Have a look around and have a great day!

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As long as I am getting support from my fans, my music will always be free to download and in turn makes me free to make whatever music I/You want!
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You will be able to cast your own vote in polls I have in my discord on what I should make for the next weekly upload! such as: a remix of a popular (or not so popular) song, a completely original piece, a song using mainly samples of JonTron's screams etc.
Includes Discord rewards
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This one is pretty self explanatory, if you get this tier, You will get:

- Your name displayed and shouted out in my weekly videos! 

- Influence in the Discord

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10 Dollars will get you:

- Early access to my music! you will get a link to each of my latest uploads hours before they are released! 

- Your name in the credits of all my uploads

- Influence in the Discord

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For 20 dollars you will get:

- Exclusive access to behind the scenes monthly Live Streams where I will be going through project files of tracks I have made or talking about old tracks, how I made them/ giving commentary/ stories behind certain tracks 

- Early Access to all of my uploads

- Your name in the credits

- Influence in the discord

Includes Discord rewards
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For 50 dollars you will get:

- A personal face-cam to face-cam thank you chat from me on discord.

- Your name in the credits of my uploads

- MUCH stronger influence on what you would like to hear from me

- Behind the scenes music project commentary streams

- Early Access to all of my uploads

- A Signed TIF T-Shirt (first month only)

Includes Discord rewards
$32 of $500 per month
500 will definitely help me pay the rent. in turn it will also help me to spend less time at my day job and more time making music. Thus, guaranteeing quality content on a more constant basis. #weeklyuploads
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