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With nearly two decades of broadcasting experience I have found myself caring about things most people don't understand. I'm the guy who turns the radio up when someone is talking and down when the song starts playing. I guess this all stems from spending nearly all of my teenage years inside of a radio studio worrying about hitting the post or making sure my break wasn't buried. Without radio I am not sure what I would have amounted to in life.

Since I started in broadcasting radio has changed a lot. Largely because of the industry I am working in now. Podcasts have busted the door wide open on who can broadcast and what a show can or should sound like. The word podcast is an interesting one. Talk to older terrestrial radio professionals about podcasting and you may still get them to roll their eyes. When I left the traditional model behind many people thought it was a bad move for my career. While I do miss some of the elements of live FM radio, evolving and adapting to new media was the best decision of my professional career.

I fell in to broadcasting by chance. I called a radio station to tell the disc jockey that he and his recently flipped format sucked. Long story short, I ended up being his intern, getting on the air, blazing a path of my own, and now attempting to help anyone that wants to learn technique and some of the finer points of radio and podcast production.

This is my passion. I love broadcasting. Am I an expert? Some may say that. However, I believe that broadcasting is a lifelong journey. You never stop learning or getting better. I will say though, that above anything else, I am a professional. I want to help you learn what it takes to not only produce great content, but to make that content sound amazing. Stories and thoughts are what make podcasts and radio shows great. Technical flaws and general quality issues will limit great content as listeners rarely put up with substandard audio for prolonged periods of time.

Here I want to share my nearly 20 years of experience with you. I will let you know my thoughts, theories, and techniques in an ever evolving world of new media. I also hope to learn new things from you. Broadcasting is an art. There are no lines, limits, or set rules on how we produce content.

I also hope to work hand in hand with content creators by doing airchecks, imaging, and other consulting work for your existing podcast.

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