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About TJ - TheJolteonMaster

This Patreon supports my work on YouTube as well as my blog.  I will be making fun, general, and educational content about Anime, animation, culture, feminism, film, video games, etc. I might also do top tens and other styles of videos traditional for YouTube content creators. See a list of current & planned projects below!

Always expect my feminist analysis videos and writing to be accessible for those who are not gender scholars and especially able to bring a fresh perspective to the table.  I am all about inclusion, which is why I chose to come back to revamp my old (ancient) gaming YouTube channel instead of becoming a traditional scholar. 

Examples of previous work:

Pledges to this Patreon page will go towards the following:

- My Adobe Premier Pro subscription.
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- New equipment, including a professional voice recording device to improve quality.

Any amount is very much appreciated!

Current Projects:

[Video] A magical-girl anime meta discussion video

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